Saturday, 22 August 2015

The Beach Ride - Sandwich Bay 22/8/15

What a brilliant morning! Weather perfect, great turn-out, super fun. A couple of tumblers but glad to say all is well with horses and riders.
It should be noted that The Gather photo-team were out to record the event in their usual intrepid style (on foot) and that at one stage there was a photographer deeper in the sea than any of the horses!! The things these people will do for their art!

Many thanks to the organisers and hosts - looking forward to the next beach visit!


These and many more will be found on The Gather's website (HERE) later tonight.

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From the Archive

With many thanks to Denise Copeland for the loan of these photographs for scanning.
Clicking on an image will provide an enlarged view.

Denise on William Rufus with Tom Hudson (ex commentator for HoYS) and Trevor Head.

Judy (Walters?) in the bowler hat, Pam French, Denise and Derek Copeland, Terry Clifton (in the front) and, in top hats, Lt. Col. Arnold Adams (PC DC) and Lord Balfour.

Lesley Rimmer (Whipper-in), Charles Hallam (Huntsman), Ronnie Martin (?) and Tom Jeanes.

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