Monday, 4 February 2019

From January into February (just)

"Count your blessings." A phrase often used by mother and one that certainly applies to the EKHwWS. Despite the fact that this is being typed on the dreariest of days and, to make matters worse, a non-hunting day there is certainly a feeling of being blessed!

We benefit, twice a week through the season, from a fantastic team of Masters, great hunt staff, a terrific pack of hounds who, all together with an amazing list of land-owners, farmers and keepers. Despite snow, rain and hard frosts we have lost but one day and that was in the interest of the health of hounds as a virulent canine virus had been reported in the area. Masters now consult local vets before confirming meets.


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Wednesday, 9 January 2019

Another New Year - so much for the ban - we have adjusted

After the diversions of Christmas, Boxing Day and the New Year it's business as usual for the EKHwWS.
As ever we offer a huge thank you to our landowners, farmers and keepers. Their kindness and generosity has been made a little easier by a dry start to the year but is good to see that the mounted field are still respecting crops.
Our "PR guru" has dealt with a large number of media enquiries since the festive season and these included a television interview carried out "in the country". A pale and very pleasant young man ventured onto the mud in his patent leather shoes and eschewed the offer of "a spare pair of wellies".
As he was setting up the camera he heard gunshots from a neighbouring shoot and enquired,
"Oh, are they hunting over there?"
The situation was explained and a mental note made that the general public are not only predominantly urban but access information about the countryside (that fills their bellies) from some very dubious sources on the internet.

There are still a few 2019 calendars available - see Nick at a meet.

The Stern
    "Who's that? I've not been out much this season."
    "Oh that's "x""
    "Of course, didn't recognise them with their kit on."


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Sunday, 30 December 2018

December Meets

December Meets were, as always, generous to a fault and supported by landowners, farmers and keepers who were facing a sludgy season. To our hosts and those responsible for our the land across which we lay trails - a huge thank you.

The Stern
Who was concerned that the expression "gimp mask" led to "Ah, you'll like this."?
Who carries a complete manicure set?
Who needed a lttlle assistance to get going again (x2)? It must be said that the first rescued the second!

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Boxing Day 2018

A change to tradition, a phrase you will rarely read on a hunting blog but this year the Meet was at kennels before the parade along Elham High Street.
An excellent crowd gathered at the meet, some 400 - 500  managed the track up Cullens Hill despite its gradient and other hazards. According to a non-hunting friend there were another 200+ waiting for the parade along the High Street.
For the mounted field the calmer atmosphere at kennels was a boon with almost all of the 50+ mounted gathering at kennels whereas in previous years those on young or nervous horses had not wanted to risk an appearance in the Square where the huge cheers of support could even spook those of us on foot.


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Half way through the gathering.

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