Tuesday, 12 March 2019

To the end of the season

The end of the season is always greeted with mixed feelings. There is, of course, the disappointment that it will be months before the music of hounds will once more serenade the hairs on the back of the neck when they speak to the trail. The sadness of "goodbyes" to folk who you will not see until next season. "Goodbye" is chosen with care for its precise meaning of "good wishes for the meantime."

Then there is the sense of relief. The fact that there will now be two days each week when it will be possible to work hard and earn enough money to fund next seasons "days off" to say nothing of the chance to catch up with all those little jobs that have slipped below the radar since September: maybe next Saturday it will be possible to replace the "temporary cardboard glazing" of one of the kitchen windows that has made do since October.

Of course it doesn't actually end at all! With shows, parades and maintenance the kennels team will be as busy as ever and hounds take no less looking after. There will be social events over the summer, work parties, the Point-to-Point and many other things to fill our community's time.

We say goodbye to two of our Masters and Officers on the thirtieth of April but in this case the "meantime" will be very short. They will continue to support and be part of our community having hung up their offices not their spurs. They deserve our gratitude for the work that they done and the responsibilities that they have fulfilled magnificently. Thank you.

In consequence we welcome new members of the team and wish them every success.


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Monday, 11 March 2019

From February into March

Very nearly the end of the season but the enthusiasm and support continues. Even now we are welcoming new folk who will, no doubt, be looking forward to the new season even as this one ends.


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The Famous Five

Thursday, 21 February 2019

Mid-February proves to be remarkably dry

This only applies to the weather!
Not only are we blessed with fantastic landowners, farmers and keepers but a steady supply of incredibly generous hosts who make sure that hunting days begin with an amazing feast of "nibbles" and drinks. "Nibbles" is something of a misnomer. While each morsel might be a mouthful the sheer quantity makes it more of a meal. From flasks of hot bullshot, through whiskey macs to fruit juices and squash for the drivers and young, no one leaves a meet thirsty of without the option of Dutch courage.
To all of our generous hosts, thank you.


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Monday, 4 February 2019

From January into February (just)

"Count your blessings." A phrase often used by mother and one that certainly applies to the EKHwWS. Despite the fact that this is being typed on the dreariest of days and, to make matters worse, a non-hunting day there is certainly a feeling of being blessed!

We benefit, twice a week through the season, from a fantastic team of Masters, great hunt staff, a terrific pack of hounds who, all together with an amazing list of land-owners, farmers and keepers. Despite snow, rain and hard frosts we have lost but one day and that was in the interest of the health of hounds as a virulent canine virus had been reported in the area. Masters now consult local vets before confirming meets.


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