Sunday, 29 October 2017

The Opening Meet 28/10/17

What a terrific day! When your correspondent first left the house to walk the dogs it was under clear sky and, in places, over frosted grass that crunched user foot - a real hunting morning with the chance that the scent trails would hold and allow hounds to run.

A large crowd of faces old and new gathered to enjoy the hospitality of our Masters and hosts. Many thanks to them and our terrific landowners and farmers.  Thanks too for the Hunt Staff: hounds looked good and their horses were, as ever, impeccably turned out.

Thank you to the trail layers - a super job.

The East Kent Hunt with West Street is immensely lucky to have such a good team providing us with the best sport possible under current circumstances.

Trail Laying

The Stern

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Monday, 23 October 2017

Autumn Days 4

Later starts as the nights draw in lead to the question why do we go out so early in September and October. Those who oppose us claim that it is to do with secrecy which is frankly a little odd as it is just a little difficult to do anything secret with twenty or more horses and twenty couple of hounds. The reason for the early, and sometimes late afternoon, starts is simply that prior to the main season the temperatures are higher and later in the day tend to either evaporate or lift the scent from the trails. In the latter case foxhounds, harriers or beagles who search for scent on or close to the ground are unable to "own" the trail.

Despite the early starts we have enjoyed good numbers at our Autumn Trail Hunting Meets with new faces joining us and learning the joys of these autumn early mornings when the light can be quite magical.

The Stern

Who said?
    "I followed the Master's directions and found it straight away," with a note of surprise.


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Saturday, 21 October 2017

Hunt Calendar Preview and Pre-order

The EKHwWS 2018 calendar is ready to send to the printer. With more than 300 images this us a snp at £15.

Please e-mail Calendars to pre-order your copy/copies.

Sunday, 15 October 2017

Autumn Days 3

More terrific days have been enjoyed by large fields of supporters thanks to the generosity of our landowners, keepers and farmers, the hard work of our team of Joint Masters and Hunt Staff. Thanks also to our trail-layers whose work has allowed hounds to make some wonderful music even though scenting conditions have not always been ideal.

The Stern

Who has secured the first of this season's "Stunt Parking Awards"?

Who said "Where are we going? Well I asked the Master and, to be honest, am no better off"?
Who was our second rider to lose to a bramble?

Who carries a second stock pin because they cannot find the right button?


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