Monday, 18 September 2017

The End of Summer Party!

What a tremendous event! Terrific setting, amazing planning and preparation to say nothing of a jolly (some perhaps regretting quite how jolly by Sunday morning) good crowd.

With bars, hog roast, disco and a hilarious relay steeplechase it was a fantastic evening.

A huge "thank you" to our hosts, the Ts and all who put so much time and effort into a wonderful event.

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Friday, 15 September 2017

Autumn Days

When you awake to a country where the harvest is mostly safely in, where the first shy leaves fall from the trees, and the dawn sun burns gently into the September mist you know that an Englishman's heart turns to bonfires and the neck-hair tingling of the huntsman's horn.

Yes, the early morning temperatures are now low enough to keep the scent of the trail low enough for hounds and that there is just the chance to hear once more their music, temperatures low enough for them to walk out on exercise with mounted followers. It is the very essence of an English (or Scottish or Welsh or Irish) autumn.


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Saturday, 2 September 2017

Pony Club out Exercising Hounds and Hunting "Foxes"

A terrific turnout of young supporters followed Huntsman and Whipper-In and a few couple of young hounds before engaging in the serious business of hunting our "foxes".

One of our foxes

With something for the adventurous and for the nervous a great afternoon was enjoyed by all.
Very many thanks to the Masters, Hunt Staff and our wonderful hosts.

It was left to some of us to conjecture whether or not we were watching a future Master or two.


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