Thursday, 24 March 2016

A pleasure ride at Denne Hill

"K" had a brilliant idea - there is no need to stop riding out together just because the season is over and so the "Hacking Harriers" were born. As "K" wrote:

"After much discussion, a few of us who have hacked out together on non Hunting days thought it might be nice to continue to meet up informally during the summer months during the week when less restricted by family weekend activities.

Hacking alone, lovely though it is, can get a bit lonely for both rider and horse.  We thought that we could all join forces to  arrange venues for parking and hacking for anyone who fancies coming out on the day. Bring your friends, they may decide that we are a friendly bunch, that they like being out in company and may even decide to join the Hunt next season.

The idea would be to go out for 2- 2.5 hours, sometimes calling in at a pub, sometimes having a picnic back at the meet place."

There will also be some weekend jaunts so that the youngsters can join in.

For the first adventure 8 or 9 mounted and a couple on foot gathered at Denne Hill for an initial hack and then a "play" over some of the obstacles.

The Stern

  • Do Hacking Harrier spills qualify for the Tumblers' Club?
  • Who nearly remodelled their nose?
  • "Along there and then left, I mean right - the other left."

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The Gather hope to attend as many of these jollies as possible.
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Tuesday, 22 March 2016

The Tumblers' Club

Last Thursday evening the Tumblers, or most of them, from this season met to enjoy a fine dinner, to share notes on tumbling techniques and, perhaps, to compare bruises.

Unfortunately our most dramatic Tumbler was unable to attend but "H" you are not and will not be forgotten. Of the two leading Tumblers, that is those who hit the deck most often, only the Queen of Tumblers, "L", was able to attend.


In the unlikely event that the subjects wish to have a permanent memorial to their indignity these images may be found on The Gather Photography's site - CLICK HERE

Sunday, 13 March 2016

Oh no! Not another weather report!

As pretty much every other report has commented on the weather it would be odd if this one did not! Some set off for the meet in or through thick fog with a hint of the sun to come. Any fears that we might be "fogged off" were dispelled at the meet where the sun shone on the righteous. It probably shone on some other folk as well but that's just the way these things go.

Once again a huge thank you to our host who provided a super meet and a venue of which many are particular fond. It is a meet which draws old friends and at which one absence in particular is lamented. David was a true sporting man and many of us quietly toasted his memory and felt that if he was looking down on us he was been delighted to see such a gathering of old friends and new.

There was a certain amount of drama before horses had even been unboxed but no harm was done and a large mounted field set off in good heart after the Master of the day had made a rousing address which included thanks to all those who, in many different ways, had supported the East Kent Hunt with West Street through the season.

The country around this meet is well-populated with deer which despite all care means that trails can all too easily give hounds the chance to riot and give rise to shouts of "'Ware haunch." Particularly pleasing, and it is a credit to those who have put in the hours, was the way in which hounds were steady and responsive to the huntsman's command.

Hunt jumps provided opportunities for the mounted field to provide a display of elegant jumping - some took those opportunities and some did not! It will be left to the reader's imagination to interpret that ambiguity. Photographs may be shared privately with one or two to remove all doubt.

All in all a terrific day so a big thank you to all who made it possible.

The Stern
A bumper crop today!

  • Who might have regretted the phrase "Just gun it and you'll get in"?
  • Who was a bit of a "stick in the mud"?
  • Who hypothesised that the sheep hurdles around the drinks were not so much to keep hounds away as one supporter in particular?
  • Who joined the Tumblers' Club . . . from a quad bike?
  • Which sisters only appeared together in the viewfinder when one had just lit up?
  • Who modelled the latest in lycra hunting kit?
  • Who "photo-bombed" a family portrait?
  • Which hound seemed very interested in the latest model of the convertible Mini?
  • Who nearly tested the efficacy of anti-tank blocks with their trailer?
And finally, an eavesdropping:
"These are yours, I think," said the kind lady returning the gloves, hat and baccy that had been left at Wednesday's meet
"Oh brilliant, thank you. I've looked everywhere for those, couldn't find 'em and couldn't for the life of me remember what I had done with them. I wasn't sure whether it was incipient senility or the drink," responded the grateful recipient.
"Oh don't worry - in your case we can be sure that it was the drink," added an elder statesman of the hunt reassuringly.


The Gather was under strength today as the talented half was lambing but they were joined by a guest photographer, Matilda, whose work we hope will appear here soon.

As ever these and many more may be found at The Gather's galleries - click HERE to see the day's images.

The excellent Combat Moose Photography was also in attendance - so a visit to her website is also in order - HERE

Thursday, 10 March 2016

We reach Breakfast Time again.

Once again a huge "thank you" to "S" and "J" for a terrific "end of season" breakfast at the local pub which not only fortified but also kept us out of the wind and rain. It does seem that this season's reports have been somewhat obsessed with the weather but there and again we have had an awful lot of it and Wednesday provided another huge dose.

The meet was also incredibly generous and for this we must thank "D" and "D". Not only did the drink flow freely but there was more to even eat and quite where some found room for more sausages is hard to tell.

Many covert-side conversations reflected on the season and all that had happened with many concluding that the EKHwWS is in good heart with growing support and an improving pack.

With all four Masters mounted the ladies and gentlemen were given a super, long day with "V" leading the way over the first fences.

It is a time to repeat our gratitude to the Masters, Officers and Staff for providing such a terrific season; to our landowners, farmers and keepers who have allowed us access to their land in a very difficult winter and to the mounted field, the booted-field and the wheeled-field for their continuing support. Thanks also to "P" and "M" for tirelessly extracting money from one and all.

The Stern

   Who had to reverse quite a long way to the meet?
   Who was spotted posing with his daughter for what might well have been his first "selfie"?
   Who felt that the presence of a camera was reason enough to skirt the first obstacles?


These and many more may be found at The Gather's website - click HERE for the day's images

Saturday, 5 March 2016

No need to eat for a week

One thing to be certain of is that this met needs to include a note in  the diary - "no need to buy food for a few days". Thank to our hosts for the country, lashings of good things to eat and a most generous jug of "central heating".

Terrific to see old (well actually rather young to be honest) friends out today and such good sports to say nothing of a very special friend!

Hounds worked well, the wind blew cold but the warmth of the occasion was the very best antidote to the latter.

A "thank you" too for those who lent horses so that visitors could enjoy the day.

The Stern 

  • Why were bobbles so popular? 
  • Who was thoroughly "bucked off" - in the nicest possible sense?
  • Who, earlier in the week, locked the stable door BEFORE the horse had bolted?
  • Why should one never, ever click one's jaws?


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