Thursday, 10 March 2016

We reach Breakfast Time again.

Once again a huge "thank you" to "S" and "J" for a terrific "end of season" breakfast at the local pub which not only fortified but also kept us out of the wind and rain. It does seem that this season's reports have been somewhat obsessed with the weather but there and again we have had an awful lot of it and Wednesday provided another huge dose.

The meet was also incredibly generous and for this we must thank "D" and "D". Not only did the drink flow freely but there was more to even eat and quite where some found room for more sausages is hard to tell.

Many covert-side conversations reflected on the season and all that had happened with many concluding that the EKHwWS is in good heart with growing support and an improving pack.

With all four Masters mounted the ladies and gentlemen were given a super, long day with "V" leading the way over the first fences.

It is a time to repeat our gratitude to the Masters, Officers and Staff for providing such a terrific season; to our landowners, farmers and keepers who have allowed us access to their land in a very difficult winter and to the mounted field, the booted-field and the wheeled-field for their continuing support. Thanks also to "P" and "M" for tirelessly extracting money from one and all.

The Stern

   Who had to reverse quite a long way to the meet?
   Who was spotted posing with his daughter for what might well have been his first "selfie"?
   Who felt that the presence of a camera was reason enough to skirt the first obstacles?


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