Monday, 26 June 2017

The Puppy Show

The British summer is marked by wonderful events: Wimbledon, Henley, Royal Ascot and, of course The Puppy Show.

As in previous years there had been a practice earlier in the week. This is a low-key affair when hounds have an opportunity to overcome any reservations about appearing in front of an audience. This year there was also a chance for the audience to practise the drinking of Pimms! Many thanks.

A wicker picnic basket is more usual! 
The main event was splendid: kennels looked fine, hounds finer and the tea was scrumptious! We were lucky and honoured to have Mrs. P. Cairns and Mr O. Hill M.F.H. to judge the young-entry-to-be of 13 dog hounds and 13 bitches.

Dog Hounds: Badger, Bandit, Baptist, Barclay, (1st and Champion)  Barman, Bateman (3rd), Branston and Brigand, Dante, Daystar, Domino, Dorian (2nd) and Dover..
Bitches: Bagel, Ballad, Bayleaf, Barley, Bashful, Bracelet, Bramley, Bravery (1st), Daisy, Dolly, Dovetail (3rd) and Dowager (2nd).

Why not sponsor a hound for the coming season? E-maol for details.

Monday, 19 June 2017

Pony Wanted

Anita is looking for a 13.2-14hh hunting pony for the children. Looks do not matter or what it's done but must hunt and have references from a master.

Can you help?

Please e-mail

Saturday, 3 June 2017

From the Archive: The Hunt Ball 1912

Sadly this item is not actually in the archive but came up in auction some months ago. The seller was based in eastern Europe and wanted rather too much money for it.

You have to wonder about the story of its journey from East Kent to Romania.

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