Sunday, 30 December 2018

December Meets

December Meets were, as always, generous to a fault and supported by landowners, farmers and keepers who were facing a sludgy season. To our hosts and those responsible for our the land across which we lay trails - a huge thank you.

The Stern
Who was concerned that the expression "gimp mask" led to "Ah, you'll like this."?
Who carries a complete manicure set?
Who needed a lttlle assistance to get going again (x2)? It must be said that the first rescued the second!

These and many more may be found in several galleries HERE.

Boxing Day 2018

A change to tradition, a phrase you will rarely read on a hunting blog but this year the Meet was at kennels before the parade along Elham High Street.
An excellent crowd gathered at the meet, some 400 - 500  managed the track up Cullens Hill despite its gradient and other hazards. According to a non-hunting friend there were another 200+ waiting for the parade along the High Street.
For the mounted field the calmer atmosphere at kennels was a boon with almost all of the 50+ mounted gathering at kennels whereas in previous years those on young or nervous horses had not wanted to risk an appearance in the Square where the huge cheers of support could even spook those of us on foot.


These and many more may be viewed HERE.

Half way through the gathering.

Thursday, 29 November 2018

November Meets

Playing catch-up here so apologies for the delay.
We have enjoyed a number of very generously hosted meets, some excellent hound work and the hospitality and support of our wonderful landowners, keepers and farmers - we thank them all.
The Masters and Hunt Staff have put in a tremendous amount of work and certainly deserve every supporters' thanks as well.

Hunt Calendar 2019

These will be available soon at £15. In the same format as previous years with more than 400 images from last season. They will be available for collection (sorry cannot post) from Nick at meets from mid December - cash on collection, please.

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A few images from one of the meets are featured below - many more may be viewed in two galleries:
November Meets (1) 2018
November Meets (2) 2018.

Saturday, 27 October 2018

The Opening Meet

What a terrific day - the sun shone (the cold wind also blew), a large crowd of supporters and well-wishers gathered to enjoy the hospitality of our super hosts and to watch a large mounted field set off for a day following hounds. A few thrills and spills but everyone and everything sound at the end.
A huge thank you to our hosts, landowners, farmers and the Masters for creating a great day much enjoyed by all. Thanks too for our kennels team who were turned out impeccably as were hounds, the trail layers on quad, foot and horse and those kind people who for whatever reason were unable to ride today who leant their horses so generously.

The Stern

Why might it be necessary to adopt a certain Carly Simon song as our very own theme?


These and many more may be viewed HERE later this evening.

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