Saturday, 27 October 2018

The Opening Meet

What a terrific day - the sun shone (the cold wind also blew), a large crowd of supporters and well-wishers gathered to enjoy the hospitality of our super hosts and to watch a large mounted field set off for a day following hounds. A few thrills and spills but everyone and everything sound at the end.
A huge thank you to our hosts, landowners, farmers and the Masters for creating a great day much enjoyed by all. Thanks too for our kennels team who were turned out impeccably as were hounds, the trail layers on quad, foot and horse and those kind people who for whatever reason were unable to ride today who leant their horses so generously.

The Stern

Why might it be necessary to adopt a certain Carly Simon song as our very own theme?


These and many more may be viewed HERE later this evening.

Some Autumn Trails

An unusually dry, warm and sometimes hot autumn followed a summer which had a terribly dry July. "Terribly" because for many of our wonderful landowners and farmers this meant that grass was in short supply some even being forced to feed their first cut before the summer was out. Despite these difficulties they continue to welcome us and there numbers are increased each season by the hard work of our dedicated team of Masters.
The kennels team have managed a huge amount of work between them throughout the summer. Anyone who thinks that the summer months are a bit of a holiday for hunt staff would be very wide of the mark. Horses and hounds still need to be cared for, there are hound shows and parades, repairs to be completed (with the invaluable assistance of the Supporters' Club), the flesh round to manage and all those little jobs that are essential but consume huge amounts of energy and time.
Alongside all this the Hunt, The Supporters' Club and individuals have provided a calendar of super events through the summer - barbecues, hound racing, the clay-shoot, hacks, hound sponsorship . . . the list goes on.
We really are incredibly lucky to have such a team of Masters, Staff, Officers and volunteers together with marvellous landowners.

The Stern

Who vandalised the Senior Joint Master's lorry?
Who has a picture of someone's leg but cannot remember whose leg?
Whose delightful breakfast venue is decorated with canvasses from "elsewhere"?
Who had an extra early morning call and was not overly impressed?
Whose iPad lives on a knife's edge as well as being vacuumed?
Who said of whom "It's like living with a child"?


These and many, many more may be viewed HERE

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