Saturday, 30 December 2017

The final Meet . . . .of the year

A jolly good meet with a mount field that managed to do justice to the 150 sausage rolls (well at least 147 as your correspondent snaffled three) provided but out most generous hosts.

With a new way in to old country a cracking day was had by all. Thanks as ever, to our landowners, farmers and keepers, the Masters for opening the country, hunt staff for bringing such a good looking pack and a special thanks to our friend who allowed us to unbox in his yard.

The Stern

Which way are we going?
No! Not digging but the ground was very soft!

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Wednesday, 27 December 2017

23/12/17 and Boxing Day

The Pre-Christmas Meet

Our traditional pre-Christmas Meet was as jolly and welcoming as ever for which we thank our hosts who, as every year, made a wonderful job of it.

With such wet ground we were particularly lucky to have such supportive landowners and farmers - we tip our caps to you all.


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Boxing Day

This great Christmastide tradition always attracts a large crowd and this year was no exception. As well as filling the the Square, all but a small area taken up by the expected protest and another by Rudy Warman and the Heavy Weather (our now almost traditional musical accompaniment) supporters lined the High Street.

A large mounted field followed the Huntsman, Staff, Masters and hounds into the Square to a huge cheer. There followed a most enjoyable day watch hounds work trails across the beautiful East Kent countryside.

The field shrank in size through the day but a still sizeable group arrived back at kennels including our two youngest riders who had followed for the whole day.

The Stern

What is the significance of Pampas Grass in your front garden?
Why might this photograph be worth a fortune?

Which family engages in mutual grooming?
Who were setting the trends for appropriate dress?


A slightly clerical look

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All the moves (?) to Rudy Warman.

Thursday, 21 December 2017

Two more terrific days and a fun evening

With two meets and an event for our younger followers, this has been a busy week.

The Junior Hunt Supper was enjoyed by a good crowd of our younger followers. A huge thank you to their hosts and well done to the finalists in the stock tying competition.

A somewhat colder time had been enjoyed by a good-sized field (including some of the youngsters appearing above) and many on foot when hounds were out on Saturday. Wednesday's Meet was less cold but the rise in temperature brought the damp - a feature that many would say is helpful in the country we crossed.

The Stern

Who spent much of Wednesday with more than just feet and calves in his boots?


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