Thursday, 24 March 2016

A pleasure ride at Denne Hill

"K" had a brilliant idea - there is no need to stop riding out together just because the season is over and so the "Hacking Harriers" were born. As "K" wrote:

"After much discussion, a few of us who have hacked out together on non Hunting days thought it might be nice to continue to meet up informally during the summer months during the week when less restricted by family weekend activities.

Hacking alone, lovely though it is, can get a bit lonely for both rider and horse.  We thought that we could all join forces to  arrange venues for parking and hacking for anyone who fancies coming out on the day. Bring your friends, they may decide that we are a friendly bunch, that they like being out in company and may even decide to join the Hunt next season.

The idea would be to go out for 2- 2.5 hours, sometimes calling in at a pub, sometimes having a picnic back at the meet place."

There will also be some weekend jaunts so that the youngsters can join in.

For the first adventure 8 or 9 mounted and a couple on foot gathered at Denne Hill for an initial hack and then a "play" over some of the obstacles.

The Stern

  • Do Hacking Harrier spills qualify for the Tumblers' Club?
  • Who nearly remodelled their nose?
  • "Along there and then left, I mean right - the other left."

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The Gather hope to attend as many of these jollies as possible.
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