Saturday, 5 March 2016

No need to eat for a week

One thing to be certain of is that this met needs to include a note in  the diary - "no need to buy food for a few days". Thank to our hosts for the country, lashings of good things to eat and a most generous jug of "central heating".

Terrific to see old (well actually rather young to be honest) friends out today and such good sports to say nothing of a very special friend!

Hounds worked well, the wind blew cold but the warmth of the occasion was the very best antidote to the latter.

A "thank you" too for those who lent horses so that visitors could enjoy the day.

The Stern 

  • Why were bobbles so popular? 
  • Who was thoroughly "bucked off" - in the nicest possible sense?
  • Who, earlier in the week, locked the stable door BEFORE the horse had bolted?
  • Why should one never, ever click one's jaws?


These and many more will be found at The Gather's web-site (click HERE) but the final upload may not be complete until Monday.

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