Sunday, 1 October 2017

Autumn Days 2

The weather has treated us to proper autumn days - some wet, some misty and some more an Indian Summer. Come rain, come shine good numbers having been riding out as well as on foot. Good, as ever, to see new faces out enjoying themselves as well as the welcome sight of old friends back in the saddle.

Autumn can often be a poignant season and none more so than this year when we lost a cherished subscriber, erstwhile Officer and long-time supporter - she will be sorely missed but will follow hounds in our hearts forever. The utmost sympathy to her family and friends.

For that wonderful lady there is no greater tribute than that we continue to enjoy, as she enjoyed the spectacle of hounds at work while some will also continue in her footsteps and reflect on the variety of riding styles and the range of riding prowess, in the nicest possible way, of course. Whatever the supporters ability we, like our lost sister, will make those who love the sport, welcome.


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