Tuesday, 22 September 2015

We thought last week was wet!

It takes a certain sort to get up before dawn, check the weather, put on waterproofs and then stand around in a wet, wet wood waiting for hounds to find a trail before it's washed away - the right sort!

Hounds spoke well despite the conditions - a big thank you to the trail layers for doing their difficult job in awful weather.

A big thank you, as ever, to our loyal landowners, farmers and shoot captains who make it possible for us to enjoy all that the British climate has to offer.

The Stern

Who described their daughter's boyfriend as "semi-hard"?
Who, later in the day having changed several times, was forced to contemplate spending the evening in a suit as there were no other dry clothes?


These and a few more may be found at The Gather's Field Sports Gallery Please note that the rain and darkness means that all pictures will be "grainy".

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