Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Not a bye day - catching up with the Meet Card

Most readers will be aware that The Masters are working hard to make up the days that we missed through snow and frost and as a result there have been and may be changes to the Meet Card. At this stage in the season with so few weeks left it would be a shame to miss a meet so the advice is to check at each Meet the where and when of the next.

Despite the forecast the weather held for long enough for the generosity of our hosts to be enjoyed in the dry. A big thank you to all concerned.

Having arrived early there was time to visit the churchyard to admire the snowdrops and spend a few minutes in quiet reflection by the grave of Lieutenant R Hunt (RA) who died on 23/9/42 aged 41 years. The CWGC are undertaking a project to place a sign at the entrance to every graveyard that contains a War Grave. At present progress is greatest in Scotland where the management of burial grounds makes permissions easier.  As you drive across the Western Isles these signs are a solemn reminder of the sacrifice made by so many that we might enjoy the peace and freedom that we have today.

After the third or fourth draw with hounds seeking the trails the rain came in like a flood and causing many of those following on foot or horseback to doubt their sanity.

The Stern

Whose stitches and buttons certainly "did their duty" today?
Who is looking forward to eating on Wednesday?
Who took refuge near the warm stove?
Who appeared to be stowing a 5 gallon jerry can of Sloe Gin?


These and many more may be viewed by clicking HERE.

Hen herding to a place of safety.

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