Monday, 1 January 2018

Welcoming 2018

What a show! Well done to Hannah's Bar and Bistro, many thanks to H and to J and her day. A day which was not auspicious in terms of the weather but offered a welcome to all from the village and those good folk, together with the regulars, made for a very jolly Meet.

The weather would have put many off the idea of mooching around on a horse to say nothing of the footies but spirits were high and the Meet a great success - very many thanks.

The Master of the day together with her team had provided two series of jumps for the ladies and gentlemen on horseback - what terrific folk.

The Stern

Who, after their appearance at the Boxing Day Meet, was greeted as "your Lordship"?


These and many more may be viewed HERE - but pleased be advised that there was so little light that images are grainy and will not make for good prints much beyond 7x5.

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