Monday, 12 February 2018


Riding at the front in full fig might seem like a dream to many but Mastership brings with it huge responsibilities. To organise a day the Master has to clear the country which involves telephone calls, personal calls and a certain amount of negotiation and charm. On some occasions it may be necessary to "walk the country" before the Meet. Even before this short-term preparation has taken place Masters will have met to agree the Meet card for each half of the season and this too will have involved negotiation with landowners, farmers and keepers to say nothing of talking to hosts of meets.

On the day the Masters will have arranged un-boxing, will ask someone to Field Master, check that staff and trail-layers are fully briefed to say nothing of the one thing that many Masters dread the most: address the field and supporters before setting off from the Meet.

This is just a very simplified view of some of the work that Masters put in to allow us to enjoy a good day's sport. No wonder it is customary to thank Hunt Staff and the Masters at the end of the day (or if you leave early to thank the Master of the day and bid them "good night".

We are blessed to have a great team of Masters - tips cap and raises a glass to their health.

The Stern
Who celebrated a special birthday at their meet?
Who has bought a new horse that came with one rug?
How many more rugs does that horse have than yours truly has coats?


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