Sunday, 11 March 2018

With and without hounds

A strange end to the season for our hounds.
As you will no doubt know, an involuntary dismount has not only given someone a "head of the table" seat at the Tumblers' Dinner but has also brought an early end to the season for our pack.
We wish a speedy recovery to the injured party which will surely be much aided by the understanding and gentle ministrations of his nurse.
The Masters have done a fabulous job this season as have Hunt Staff, thank you.
Thanks too for our landowners, farmers and keepers without whom there could be no season and to our ever generous hosts.

Three reminders:
1 The Hunt Supper - details in the previous post.
2 K's terrific "Harriers" - there will be pleasure rides organised throughout the spring and summer.
3 Keep checking back to this site - there will, as ever, be events throughout the "closed-season" - the Puppy Show, Supporters' Club Events, Hound Parades, Hound Shows . . .

These and many more may be found HERE and HERE

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