Tuesday, 26 June 2018

The Puppy Show and Practice

Some might think that once April has passed it is time for Hunt Staff to relax and take it easy. Nothing could be further from the truth! Spring and Summer are the seasons of kennels maintenance, hound shows and parades as well as all that is involved in keeping our wonderful hounds fit and happy. Of course the knackering continues to the benefit of saddened horse owners and farmers.

Meanwhile the Supporters' Club and Hunt have their programmes of social and fund-raising activities with K's super hacks to help keep horses up and fit.

Back to the Hunt Staff and all of the work that they do at kennels. One of the highlights of the "Summer Season" is, of course, the Puppy Show. Kennels must be, and always are, immaculate and the Puppy Show becomes the focus for any painting and repairs that need to be carried out - a busy time indeed.

The Puppy Show is, for most people the first chance to see this season's New Entry which is judged by folk from other packs. It is also a time to thank the Puppy Walkers. For those who are new to our world hounds are put out to walk at a few months of age. Usually in couples (or more) the pups live with wonderful families where they learn their names, socialise with other dogs, cats, chickens and children until their boisterous natures tell the walkers and the huntsman that they can no longer be kept away from the pack to which they have a need to belong. While happiest in the pack they never forget their walkers and often acknowledge them at meets and when moving to a fresh trail during the season.

A huge thank you to the hunt staff, volunteers and Masters for all their hard work.

The Practice
Most of the New Entry will never have seen a crowd of people and might  therefore not show to their best at the Puppy Show. To help them with their shyness the Hunt now have a practice evening when the puppies (they are about a year old by now) are shown in front of a less formal crowd. A most enjoyable evening.

Hound Sponsorship
Sarah has once again managed, in a very short space of time, to put together the certificates for hound sponsorship and while half the pack gained sponsors at the Puppy Show there are still plenty of hounds that would love a sponsor. Sponsors receive a certificate with a picture of "their" hound and the chance to win a rosette. The Huntsman decides which were the best 6 hounds during the season gone and their sponsors receive a rosette at the Puppy Show. The best hound's sponsor also receives a prize - this year a "Season Book" of some 400 photographs. Please get in touch if you would like to sponsor a hound.

Puppy Show Results
With thanks to our judges from the ES&RMH

Doghounds: 1st Solent, 2nd Radar, 3rd Ranger
Bitches: 1st Soda, 2nd Favor, 3rd Rowdy
Champion Hound: Solent

These and many more may be viewed HERE

The Practice
A little less formal

Rowdy being a bit shy but getting encouragement from Soda

Ah! The biscuit bucket

The work goes on - touching up a few missed patches
The Puppy Show Itself

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