Wednesday, 9 January 2019

Another New Year - so much for the ban - we have adjusted

After the diversions of Christmas, Boxing Day and the New Year it's business as usual for the EKHwWS.
As ever we offer a huge thank you to our landowners, farmers and keepers. Their kindness and generosity has been made a little easier by a dry start to the year but is good to see that the mounted field are still respecting crops.
Our "PR guru" has dealt with a large number of media enquiries since the festive season and these included a television interview carried out "in the country". A pale and very pleasant young man ventured onto the mud in his patent leather shoes and eschewed the offer of "a spare pair of wellies".
As he was setting up the camera he heard gunshots from a neighbouring shoot and enquired,
"Oh, are they hunting over there?"
The situation was explained and a mental note made that the general public are not only predominantly urban but access information about the countryside (that fills their bellies) from some very dubious sources on the internet.

There are still a few 2019 calendars available - see Nick at a meet.

The Stern
    "Who's that? I've not been out much this season."
    "Oh that's "x""
    "Of course, didn't recognise them with their kit on."


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