Saturday, 31 October 2015

Another wonderful autumn day with hounds and a good crowd.

A large crowd of regulars, irregulars and locals gathered to enjoy the spectacle of horses and hounds meeting at a village pub. The food was super and supporters are urged to repay the landlord and landlady's generosity by visiting the pub on non hunting days too.

With trails in woodland and open country hounds worked hard. It was also commented on that they want to be with their huntsman and a very neat pack they are becoming when hacking from one draw to the next.

The mounted field enjoyed a variety of jumps - well most of them enjoyed most of the jumps but some are offering "trick or treat" options to the photographers. That is "if you treat the website to a picture of me leaving 9 inches of air between me and the saddle their will certainly be a trick in store for you!"

It is hard to imagine a more perfect afternoon in a  wonderful setting (thanks, as ever, to our wonderful landowners) in great company. Good to see new faces returning for a second or third helping - it seems that they have come to understand Charles Dickens view: "There is a passion for hunting, something deeply implanted in the human breast."

The Stern

Who tried, with their truck, to emulate the vehicles in dead-car field?
Who complained last Thursday that "only odd body parts were visible in the pictures" and then modelled their tonsils today?


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