Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Do my withers look big in this saddle?

The meet provided the unusual facility that is a weigh bridge and a number of riders took advantage of riding onto it to ascertain the combined weight of horse, rider and tack. A desperate effort to download "You're so vain" onto an iPhone failed so that, sadly, it was not possible to provide a soundtrack to this activity.

A generous meet once more and many thanks to our kind hosts preceded a tour of the day's country which provided a most elusive scent for hounds. They managed a little music when they struck one or two of the lines but struggled to draw them to a conclusion. Nonetheless, with a jump or two, some grattens for a gallop and good company those on horseback enjoyed their day as did the wheeled field.

The Stern

Why was gullible significant for the ornithologists amongst the followers?
Who claims that they do not "come out to be abused" but gives as good as they get?
Who wipes the ground in front of their partner's feet but may just have cleaning hands?
Who regards leaning on a spade as a qualification for foremanship?


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