Sunday, 8 November 2015

Terrific hosts

The East Kent Hunt with West Street is blessed with businesses and individuals who go to great lengths and no small expense to host meets. Their kindness provides us with a wonderful range of goodies: sausage rolls, samosas, sandwiches, spring rolls, cakes . . . . - a whole feast of goodies. The drinks trays are so generous that it is not unknown for non-driving foot-followers to take a little nap before the end of the day. To these wonderful people - we salute and thank you.

In return please support their businesses. Going out for a drink or to eat? Then please use the great pubs that provide for us so well. Eating in? Some of our hosts have farm shops so they should be the first choice for ingredients.

On the matter of support, if you are going to follow on foot or by car and have not paid a foot-follower's sub, please remember to pay your cap. If no one is apparently collecting then Nick will happily look after your £3 and pass it on to the appropriate person.


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