Saturday, 21 November 2015

While others panic about a snowflake - we remind ourselves that this is fun!

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A touch chilly this morning - the truck was covered in ice at 4:30!

By the time we met the ice had long gone but was replaced by a rather unfriendly wind tearing in from the NW. It was a day for layers and so a number of those gathered in the welcome shelter of a barn seemed to be Michelin Man impersonators as all enjoy the hospitality kindly provided by Masters - current and past.

With the phrase "I do this because we enjoy it" riders mounted, the footies and supporters gathered and the Master's words were taken in the jaws and carried away by the biting wind.

A long warming hack to the first of the trails helped but the today's country was exposed with no sheltering woods so any heat generated by the journey was soon on its way south east.

It was particularly good to see "S" out, albeit on wheels rather than a horse, after their mid-week difficulties.

Also of note is our pack. The other "S" and his team have clearly put a lot of time into addressing hounds' need for stability and mutual trust. Difficult today in the wind but what a pleasure to see the pack holding up so well at meets and looking to "Dad' with a "we like you - you will stay won't you?" look on their faces.

The Stern

Who now seems to be a little camera-shy?
Who was accused of never appearing in any of the pictures?


Apologies but very little light, a camera-shaking wind and rain finding its way round the lens-hood limited the number of photographs today.

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Full marks go to the complete tail-plait - these fingers were almost too cold to type this morning let alone plait!

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