Saturday, 14 November 2015

Ghastly weather/wonderful hosts

Well the forecasters  got it right to within half an hour! Nonetheless a good crowd gathered to enjoy the wonderful generosity of our hosts. Your correspondent had to cut loose soon after the meet so awaits news of the day.

Hunt Merchandise

The Kim, the Merchandise Queen, was taking orders for the super new range of clothing with embroidered logos and managed to sell a lots of calendars too! Please check out our merchandise HERE - not only do you look smart, keep dry and warm if you buy these items but each purchase makes a little money for the hunt. Wear EKHwWS clothing with pride. The range includes hoodies, fleeces, hats, ties, jackets, lambswool sweaters and T-shirts - all, where appropriate, available with a small logo on the breast, a large logo on the back or even both! Once you have received your item(s) there is a chance to be a model for images on the Merchandise page!

There are some EKHwWS mugs too but only 10 are left! These are available at meets - do see Kim.

The calendars are selling like, well, calendars before Christmas. Only 50 have been printed and half of those have been sold. When they're gone, they're gone - unless there are orders for 25 more once these have sold out. Each month has 10 - 20 photographs from last season - more than 200 images altogether and a month with images from the archive for one of the warmer months. You probably feature - how can you resist?


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