Wednesday, 18 November 2015

The EKHwWS and the Blustery Day

Not too sure that giving storms names is a great thing but while Barney reduced no one at the Meet to rubble he certainly made it feel a little chill and hearing what was going on out in the country was nigh on impossible.

Everyone was grateful for the shelter afforded at the Meet as well as the food and warming drink. Today the Old Man hunted hounds due to a medical emergency at kennels - everyone hopes that all is well "S", and that you are making a speedy recovery.

From the Meet and up onto the Downs where Barney did his best to dislodge caps and one or two of our equine friends thought briefly of dislodging their riders, but to no avail.

The Stern

Who should be putting their money into the Tumblers' Club for Saturday? Perhaps they should not have said that the photographers missed an opportunity.

What happened four times?

Who is now an honorary member of the "All England Stunt Parking Club"?


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