Tuesday, 18 October 2016

A long morning! Thank you!

With a beautiful dawn turning to an overcast morning scent persisted and hounds spoke more than not - splendid! Staying out for more than four hours was a bonus too.

At last night's General Meeting all the news was good with reports on a most successful Summer Ball, a super Ride, excellent damage limitation by the P-t-P committee, tremendous fund raising and support from the Supporters' Club, phenomenal success for our Pony Club, kennels are looking splendid . . .  and most importantly, perhaps, that hounds are going from strength to strength. Well done and thank you to the Masters, Trustees, Committee with its Officers, the Supporters' and, of course the Hunt Staff.

It was particularly good to see new faces on foot and mounted today - welcome.

The Stern

   Who might, for good reason, have been better able to give a on catching Tiger Fish than the CA?
   Whose sandwiches were very nearly a hound-breakfast?
   Whose reversing skills were sorely tested?


As per usual these may be enlarged with a click and more found HERE

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