Sunday, 30 October 2016

To Open the Season

Wow and thrice times wow! More than 50 mounted set off this morning with ages ranging across nearly 70 years - just terrific!

Despite a health complication at the very start (we wish "M" well) a fantastic Meet was hosted with huge generosity - thank you.

The temperature rose quickly through the day lifting the scent of trails high above hounds' noses. Nonetheless a terrific day was had by all.

A huge "well done" to the youngest members of our mounted field who were still out a the end of the day and an equally large "well done" to the oldest who were still mounted at the end of the day.

Speaking of "mounted" - the Tumblers' Dinner should be well attended.

The Stern

Who gave up their horse for a youngster whose mount threw a shoe?
Who was rubbing their ribs at the tea?
Who carries water to drink?


These and many more may be found HERE

Now that's a hip-flask!

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