Thursday, 3 November 2016

A proper Hunting Morn

A jolly mid-week crew met on the morning of the first frost of this autumn. Clear skies, crisp frost in places high on the Downs and bright sun set the scene for a super day.

William Ogilvie, perhaps the poet of the chase, came to mind this morning:

Come, horsemen all, from every field
And taste this rare delight,
And see what English pastures yield
To those whose hearts beat right!

Come, haste and quaff the stirrup-cup!
Turn down the empty glass!
The horn is blown, the hunt is up,
And here's our English grass!

The generosity of our Masters ensured that spirits were stiffened with a stirrup cup while hot sausages and roast potatoes, in a quantity that gave away an Irish connection warmed us all - thank you.


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