Thursday, 17 November 2016

A brief visit to the Meet and a short morning of following

The thing about being retired is that you become amazingly busy! Despite many jobs waiting to be done it was possible to forget them for a short while to arrive at the meet in plenty of time. However duty called early so it was a very short day for your correspondent.

Generous hosts provided liquid and solid breakfasts - many thanks V & L - before hounds set off with the honour of a visiting Master from a nearby pack - good to see you C - hope that you enjoyed your day.

The call of jobs undone limited your correspondent's time to follow so when hounds, staff and the mounted field disappeared into a no-man's-land where viewing became difficult it was an appropriate time to say goodnight.


More than half of the calendars have now been sold at £15 each - if you would like an EKHwWS 2017 Calendar with more than 300 images from last season please find Nick at any Meet.


These and a few more may be found HERE

They stood they watched . . . and saw? Very little.

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