Monday, 7 November 2016

November is certainly here

A good crowd turned out for this Saturday's meet - a huge thank you, as ever to our hosts, farmers and landowners.

The day had begun with the chipping of ice from the truck just to gain access to "look" the sheep before any thoughts of hunting but even while checking that all the animals were fine, watered and had sufficient grass thoughts did turn to the possibility of the cold air making the trails last close to the ground and the promise of seeing hounds doing the best that they can under the current legislation.

Unfortunately the weather was very November and the crisp start edged to a damp morning and furthermore it was "bonfire night".  While this may fill some hearts with glee, those of us responsible for animals have a different view. If the noise and flashes fail to traumatise then the debris is always a concern - a spent firework in the winter's hay supply is not a happy thought.

In the interest of the dogs (note not the hounds) your correspondent could not stay out for long as preparations had to be made to ensure that the sheep-dogs could be taken to a safe place during the greater excesses of November the fifth.

Nonetheless snatches of hound music brightened a dull morning and the camaraderie was as good as ever.


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