Sunday, 8 January 2017

Two terrific Meets and a surprise

Apologies for a "one for two" report but time has been short this week.

A huge thank you to both of our hosts whose generosity was stupendous. Not only was there a choice of libation and a wonderful selection of savouries but at both meets they provided 'pudding'!

"Are you ready for sweet things yet?" is not a question usually asked at a meet.

The good sized mid-week field and a large Saturday field enjoyed good days despite the weather which failed to dampen enthusiasm.

The other tremendous thing about these two meets was to see a very special rider out on horseback once more and new faces coming out and having a terrific time - see you back soon.

The Stern

-     Why was a tall mounting block required midweek?
-     Which Spaniards were out this week?


These and many more may be found:
- click HERE for midweek
- HERE for Saturday

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