Tuesday, 3 January 2017

The First Meet of 2017

One of our Joint Masters commented at the end of the day: "We had a wonderful day with trails laid along the marshes incorporating many rails and jumps for the mounted field to enjoy and, other than the protestors, encountered only support from all the public throughout the day."

Yes there was a protest, it was noisy, sometimes very rude, sometimes personal but it failed to dampen the support that Wingham always shows and neither did it put off those who were joining us for the first time - they, as the Joint Master said "had a wonderful day."

It would be foolish to ask that no one comes along and protests at such a Meet, indeed your correspondent has protested on quite a number of occasions himself, right back to the 1960s.

What will be asked is please could protestors behave in a manner that does not endanger horses, hounds and people and that would include a polite request that at future New Year Meets please would the protestors not block the safest area for horses directly in front of the pub.

Still enough of the protest which was a very small part of a glorious day. A large mounted field and many on foot enjoyed the privileged access granted by the landowners and farmers to country where there is no public access - thank you.

The Stern

        Whose old cap flew off as he was travelling on the back of a quad and, when walking back to
        search for it nearly picked up a cow pat in error? Well the cap was rather grubby!

        "He doesn't know the meaning of 'small ones'."
        "Well not when it comes to whisky."

        Who now knows that the woods have eyes?

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