Saturday, 31 December 2016

The last Meet of 2016

The last Meet of the year and what a terrific Meet, generously hosted by 'G' (who has no inkling of portion control when wielding an immense jug of Whisky Mac) and 'V' (who is equally challenged when it comes to the number of sausages and such delights one person can manage) - brilliant, thank you.

A good sized field gathered with faces old and new as the morning mist and fog waxed and waned before finally setting off for the first draw. Would hounds find the trail? Well the difficulty was could anyone find the hounds? The fog rolled in over the Downs and made safe trail-hunting impossible after the first hour or so making it necessary, sadly, for Stephen to blow for home and a most enjoyable day was brought to an early conclusion.

The Stern

  • How did that shooting stick become deformed?

  • Who regretted the words "I'll just turn round so that we can get away quickly?

  • Who suggested that the two occupants of the vehicle in question included someone who could be so ungentlemanly as to suggest that his rather slighter friend might get underneath the truck to release the spare wheel.
As a footnote to the story, being amongst hunting-folk, the offers of assistance were many and earnest. Of course, being counry-folk, the occupants of the truck were resourceful enough and suitably equipped to extricate themselves. 

In fact there are probably Hunt Saboteurs amongst our local group who should remember that in the days of their white mini-bus an Land Rover antecedent of this truck towed them out of a field in which they had become completely bogged. We might not agree about the repeal but country folk find it hard not to help - country life is often hard and so we help each other out.


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