Tuesday, 27 December 2016

A Great Christmas Tradition

Half an hour to go before hounds arrive and the Square was filling up.
A large mounted field led by "S", the picture of elegance mounted sidesaddle, "O", hounds and the Huntsman rode along Elham High Street to cheers and applause before turning down St Mary's Road and into the Square where the cheers were quite deafening. The many hundreds of supporters drowned out the cries of the usual group of protestors.

With many sets of three cheers for the hunt and a couple of resounding choruses of "We wish you a Merry Christmas" the atmosphere was terrific. Hounds, as usual, made friends with those at the front of the crowd. One even signed a T-shirt!

The whole, wonderful, traditional cavalcade left the Square to a huge cheer, to be applauded all the way along New Road by many more supporters.

Hats off to you guys
Less traditional (or maybe it is becoming so as this was for the second year) was the music played by Rudy Warman and the Heavy Weather. While these guys are part of the protest and not appreciated by all of those who attended to enjoy and support the Hunt your correspondent tips his cap to them in admiration. This is not just as their music is firmly grounded in the sounds of his youth. The band's approach is gentle and seeks to win people over with love not hate. All a bit hippy? Yes and why not? They, in the best possible way, made their protest without abuse or rancour.

The large mounted field and many on foot then enjoyed a day in some wonderful country in the bright winter's sunshine.

The Stern

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  • Who had a "hole" new way of clearing a hunt jump?
  • Who really does know which end to climb a gate?

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