Thursday, 1 December 2016

A Terrific Meet and a Glorious Marsh Day

There is a tendency for these reports to be somewhat "meteorological' - often reflecting on the wetness/windiness/chill or some other negative. Today we celebrated a glorious, frosty November morning. Frankly November either gives us such mornings or those dank, damp days that chill to the bone - this was the former - in spades!

The meet was generous to a fault and hounds did their very best (which was darn good) to own the trails.

A huge THANK YOU to our hosts for excellent sausage rolls, unwrapped sausages and plentiful Dutch Courage, land owners and farmers for allowing us across their land. There are those who choose to despise landowners and farmers just because they "own" land and the same folk often choose to condemn trail-hunting. Those of us who look and understand see stewards who know that their tenancy, in human scale, is temporary and seek to pass on an historic landscape.

The Stern

  • Who may no longer need to practise their pout having sorted out the camera on their new mobile so that it doesn't take selfies?
  • Who, by scurrilous and untrue rumour, would have elevated the photographer to the Tumblers' Club?
  • Who pointed out that one of the last Meet's photographs was not to their liking? (That is exactly why it was posted)

These and many more may be found HERE

The three wise . . . ? 

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