Monday, 12 December 2016

Yet another terrific Meet - we are terribly lucky to have such marvellous hosts.

Many thanks to our generous host who provided a splendid meet in a wonderful setting and to the landowners who allowed to hunt trails across their land. One of the joys and greta privileges of following hounds is to be invited to cross some amazing country where there is no public right of access - a privilege for which all of us who delight in hound-work are immensely grateful.

A good-sized field enjoyed a terrific day so thank you also to the trail layers, the Masters and, of course, the hunt staff - professional and amateurs.

Organising a day's trail-hunting is a huge undertaking by the Masters as is the proper running of kennels. The care of hounds and hunt horses as well as the fabric of the establishment is more than a full-time job - it is very much a way of life.

The Stern

  • Who came prepared for a bit of "sport fishing"?
  • Who lost a garter strap only to find it later?


These are just a few of the 136 published images that may be found by clicking HERE.
You may recall that the weather was rather gloomy so the photographs are a little grainy.


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