Thursday, 9 November 2017

Ditches? What ditches?

To host a meet at a remote barn and provide delicious, hot sausages, sausage role and other delights is quite an achievement. For this we thank the "F" family as we also thank the landowners for allowing us to lay trails and follow them across their fields.

It was good to see some old faces at the meet and on the trail - there is a glue that holds our community together with friendships that are so easily re-ignited after long intervals.

A special mention for one of our newest, mounted recruits and the Joint Master who so willingly helped the former out of a bit of a jam. The route today required a certain amount of ditch-crossing, maybe not quite in the Scarteen league but scary enough, especially for a tyro rider. With much expert advise available from the (unmounted) watchers our fellow was stuck after the field had crossed the dyke. Not all, it should be noted, had crossed with ease. One of the Joint Masters, spotting our tyro's plight returned, swapped mounts and both eventually passed safely over. What a gentleman!

The Stern

Who, while following a Master's lorry to the Meet, was surprised at a right hand turn but thought, "Ah . .  they must have changed the Meet."

. . . and the corollary: which Master thought "Ah, Nick's following us so we must be right."

Who might just be willing to pay large sums of money to have some images from the day permanently deleted?

Which two stalwarts set off to assist our tyro to the comment, "Well it sure as hell's going over that ditch now!"

Whose well travelled bowler found a new home?

Whose finger-fillet cramped their style?


These and more may be viewed HERE

. . . and they both made it over . . .

. . . to a round of applause 

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