Sunday, 5 November 2017

Yet another good day

With a big "thank you" to our hosts, landowners and a huge "thank you" to our keepers we had a terrific day. Trails were catchy but hounds did their best which, frankly, is pretty darn good. Hats off to hunt staff who consistently draw a pack for the day that looks good and works well.

This was a day of following on the heels of a local shoot. To repeat - a huge "thank you" to the keepers and shoot captains for allowing us to be so close on their heels.

The final "thank you" must go to the Master of the day for providing a most enjoyable day to all.

Many people put in a huge effort even before we take hounds out for the day. One landowner spent some hours moving cattle that we might enjoy a good pipe-opener over hunt jumps that they had spent even more time making safe.

The EKHwWS are blessed.

The Stern

  • Who, upon leaving the Meet, called out: "My blood group's 'O' and they can have all of my organs!"?
  • Who might like to investigate "velcro saddle wedges" to stop their legs flying back?

These and many more may be found HERE - more to come too!
The final Autumn Trail hunting images have been uploaded HERE

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