Thursday, 3 December 2015

A lively nag and a gentle nag

Today's hosts, as ever, provided a warm and most generous meet which was enjoyed by all before hounds led the way-out into the day's country. Country which is provided by that other group of stalwart supporters: our landowners and farmers.

The "lively nag" in the title is referenced in The Stern so here comes the gentle nag. Running the Hunt is not a cheap business. At every meet mounted folk who have not paid a full subscription with riding money, are capped. At present there is no one who "caps" those who enjoy the meet and a day following hounds on foot. Foot-followers are asked for a £3 cap/day or can choose to pay a season's subscription. Nick is at pretty much every meet and is happy to collect your cap to pass on to the Hon. Sec.

Details of subscription rates for mounted and foot followers as well as caps for visitors may be seen HERE - as a PDF file. 

The Stern

Who made a bucking exciting entrance?
Whose spaniel was doing flat-coat impersonations?


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