Sunday, 20 December 2015

"I think there are some you need to delete!"

There is always something special about the Saturday meet before Christmas - terrific hosts, thank you, a super stretch of country and a crowd that includes faces old and new.

With hounds working trails in woodland, across the plough and stretches of old grass there is something for everyone, including a range of jumps  to make access easier for staff and entertain the ladies and gentlemen. Those same jumps provide entertainment for the footies too with some spectacular displays of horsemanship!

While not strictly so this meet feels like the halfway point of the season and it is a real pleasure to see how well hounds are responding to the new team. There is a revived sense of purpose  - well done to S and team.

Apologies for the delayed report - running at half strength yesterday and a sudden spate of last minute picture-framing jobs before Christmas.

The Stern
  • Who said, "I think there are some you need to delete"? (Not sure if this was an opinion, an assertion or a command!)
  • Who managed a whole sausage roll?
  • Who joined the Tumblers' Club?
  • Has anyone ever been sent home for photographing two Masters?

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