Wednesday, 13 January 2016

A Jaunt Around the Kentish Countryside

The day was bound to come - this was the day (and probably not the only one).

Readers should never become bored by the repeated eulogising of our farmers and landowners - they are cracking folk who have allowed us over their land despite the softness of the ground. To have missed just one day so far this season is remarkable but we knew that the point would come when the ground just wouldn't take a mounted field as well as hunt staff.

So it was that a good sized field met in a car park, unboxed and set off using bridleways and roads in the glorious winter sunshine. The added attraction of a pub at the halfway point even drew a couple of foot-followers and there everyone enjoyed a piping hot cocoa, coffee or tea - thank you "M". Well yes one or two enjoyed something with an alternative way of warming the cockles.

A huge thank you to the subscribers who organised this jolly - brilliant and all the more so for taking some of the weight from the Masters who spend so much time opening country for our trail-hunting days. It was good to see three of them out without a care.

The Stern

Who once became separated from the field in this area and could not recall the way home? (In fact they put the reins across their horse's neck and the clever chap took them home.
Which afternoon route-finder left the pub having chosen the non-cocoa alternative and an empty saddle flask?

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