Saturday, 23 January 2016

A little moist

A much milder day with no frost and the welcome at the meet could not have been warmer: a huge "thank you" to our hosts. Tray after tray of delicious food and generous drinks were brought out with military precision by a very distinguished squad.

Today in particular we owe a big thank you to Shoot Captains and Gamekeepers for allowing us through with out trails, hounds and horses. The main shooting season may nearly be over but there is still  just over a week to go for most game-birds and keepers will be busy making sure that they are able to provide good sport until the very end - perhaps especially for the Beaters' Days that tend to be focussed in these last days. It is always good to celebrate co-operation between country sports.

The Stern

  • Of whom was it said that he "is never knowingly under-drunk"?
  • From the same lips "here come the serious folk" was aimed at which supporter?
  • Who, as the field moved away, said to one of the photographers, "nice picture of bottoms" and who followed it up with "well there are some nice bottoms"?
  • Who determined that as it was their birthday they were entitled to wear a somewhat non-regulation pom-pom?

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