Wednesday, 6 January 2016

What a Cracking Meet!

There are a good number of country pubs that stand out, many that have closed and then there are the five star pubs. It was at on elf those we met this morning. As ever it was good to see some new faces at the meet even if some were a little obscured by their cameras.

However it was sad to see some malinformed musicians who had been persuaded that this was something that deserved their well-intentioned attention. Oh the power of deception for some political end.

A good sized field enjoyed Jerry-sized stirrup cups before setting off in search of the elusive trails.

Hounds are beginning to work together thanks to the huge effort pot "S" and his family bit anyone who is impatient needs to understand that the process of building a Pack rather than a pack is not an overnight job!

The Stern

  • The hunt has been contacted by the producers of Big Brother asking for volunteers. Who is your suggestion?
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