Thursday, 16 March 2017

A morning with the Harriers

A dozen or so mounted attended a meet of the Harriers to enjoy a morning through Gorsley, across to Charlton Park and back.

There are some packs whose tradition demands ratcatcher after Cheltenham. Well, there is one day to go at Cheltenham, this is not an East Kent nor a West Street tradition so a variety of dress did not raise an eyebrow. That is excepting, maybe, the "ball gown with jeans look" although the eyebrow raised would have belonged to the model's mother.

A huge thank you to two of our Joint Masters for providing today's navigation, country and beyond and to "K" for all her hard work for the Harriers.

No trails were laid so all who attended could enjoy a lark over fences if they chose or a sedate hack if that suited better.


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