Thursday, 9 March 2017

The End of Season Blues

"Well I woke up his morning with those old end of season blues,Well I . . . Another long summer without anything to do!"
Some years you come towards the end of a season and while looking forward to the closing meet there is a sense of relief that Saturdays and Wednesdays will once again be yours. The garden might just be tidied, there will be time to catch up on correspondence and all those things that have taken a back seat since September. Other years and there is a sense of disappointment, a sort of emptiness inside which is only compensated by thoughts of he Puppy Show, Peterborough and maybe the chance to get out with the Mink Hounds. The season 2016/17 certainly belongs to the latter category. The Masters and Staff have given us a terrific season with memories that will be recalled for many years to come. Thank you one and all.

Thanks too for our farmers, landowners and keepers for their continuing and growing support. This season has seen us return to coverts that some cannot remember being hunted.

And then there are all those who have hosted meets. Their generosity and welcome has been stupendous - thank you.

Last but not least there are the Officers of the hunt, the subscribers and the supporters who have also made this all possible in a whole spectrum of ways - a huge thank you to all.

Today's meet was no exception - our hosts, thank you D & D, made all most welcome, filled us with snacks and plied us with drink as well as providing some of the day's country.

Hounds worked well and wonderful music could be heard as they found the trails and made that music which will be sorely missed through the summer.

What to do now
The Hacking Harriers will be out from next week - please contact K if you would like to join in with these fun rides through the summer.
The East Kent Ruby Ride (23/4/17) is always deserving of our support - entries and offers of help may be made by clicking HERE  This will be the fortieth ride.
Similarly don't forget our Point-to-Point at Aldington on Easter Monday - details and offers of help HERE

The Stern
Who had a rather detached air during the afternoon?
Who was heard to cry "If I only had a stick!"
Who joined the Tumblers'  Club while dismounted?
Who claims that only one of the photographers takes good pictures? (It would have had nothing to do with how gracefully the first and second fences were or were not cleared, of course). 

These and many more may be viewed by clicking HERE
Some Subscribers have personal, hard-backed photo books made for them each season. E-mail The Gather ( if you might be interested.
The Gather are also considering creating a glossy magazine of photographs from the season - much like the Calendar but with many more images. Please let us know if you might be interested.

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