Sunday, 5 March 2017

Great support from the village

A terrific meet supported by regulars, newcomers and many locals was enjoyed by more than 30 mounted. Again we saw newcomers who have "caught the bug" and are rapidly becoming regulars, enjoying the camaraderie of a "happy hunt". For some of those, who have joined us late in the season, there will be a certain bathos in the fact that only a few meets remain for this season. They, like the old hands, will be wondering how on earth they will fill their Saturdays and Wednesdays through the summer.

Of course there is The Ride, the Point-to-Point, the social events organised by the Supporters' Club and the Hunt as well as the regular pleasure rides to keep us going until September so it's not all bad!

The Stern

Who managed to hitch a lift back to their Land Rover on a trap?
Who joined the Tumblers' Club having fallen the smallest distance?


These and many more may be found by clicking HERE.

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