Saturday, 20 February 2016

A Family Affair

Just two days after the eleventh anniversary of the application of a law that was only enacted in this country to hurt a group of people  - toffs and landowners - and a big crowd was welcomed by a smashing family to carry on the post-ban version of a traditional activity that has more fibre than All Bran, more guts than a ruminant and more sprit than the Laphroaig distillery!

What a great meet, what smashing landowners, keepers (we have not thanked them enough in these reports) and farmers!

A family affair? Indeed. To see Mum ride out with her two youngsters under the caring gaze of Dad meant much to many of those present - just "B dash" brilliant !

Hounds struggled to find the early lines but as the wind rose and the temperature dropped they went as a pack and challenged the followers to a 4 o'clock run.

Back at the meet "Dad" had been barbecuing sausages for an early finish and manfully managed this most welcome répast to welcome the string home.

Also of note were the youngsters who "rode up front" and did a fine job assisting the whippers-in.

The Stern

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  • Similarly  who might have been said to have had a "bad hare day"?
  • Who confessed that their short term memory is so bad that they will, one day, "be discovered in a bathroom full of suds having showered and wondered 'Was that the first shampoo or second - oh well here we go again . . . "?
  • Who are the Provisional EKHwWS and is it now an arms race? 


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