Thursday, 18 February 2016

An Away-Day

On the anniversary of the enforcement of the iniquitous Hunting Act 2014 The East Kent Hunt with West Street hounds enjoyed an away-day to the OSB&WK country where a remarkably generous meet fed and watered a large mounted field and many supporters and foot-followers.

Scent was catchy so while hounds spoke to some of the trails, during the time that your correspondent was present they struggled to own the line for any length of time.

It is always difficult following in a new country for the first time but the OSB&WK folk could not have been more helpful - thank you - and so it was possible to snatch a picture or two of the tourists having ago at one or two of the obstacles that the day's country provided.

A big "thank you" to our hosts for the meet, the land-owners for allowing a large mounted field across their rather damp country and to the Masters and Staff of the OSB&WK for a super day.

Our enemies thought that they would destroy us, they thought that their spite and misplaced envy would harm the elite and, frankly, they did not care one iota for foxes or anything other than a crass view of class war. We are still here, we are strong and hunting trails and, after the repeal foxes, we will be here long after their Godless beings have descended into that special hell which is reserved for those who wasted their lives on hatred, prejudice and envy. Envy of mis-perceived wealth. Our wealth is an understanding of the real nature of life and life of nature.

The Stern

Well it would be rude to say anything when we are in someone else's country so a picture will have to do.


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