Sunday, 14 February 2016

What a warm welcome.

While it was a cold day the welcome could not have been warmer as a large crowd on foot and horseback enjoyed the generous hospitality of our hostess, to whom, "Thank you".

This has been a wet, wet season and these reports keep repeating themselves but noting and acknowledging the kindness of our landowners and farmers, especially in such conditions, can never be over-done.

The country is unfamiliar to many of those who follow on foot so, for some, glimpses of hounds at work trying to work out trails were fleeting and sometimes quite distant. Does this make for a boring day? Not at all - trying to work out where to park next and where to "walk in" is all part of the fascination of an activity that can brighten even the dullest day. The ladies and gentlemen on horse-back had the additional fun of some hunt jumps.

The Stern

Who must have set the "scenic route" feature on their sat-nav?
To whom should you now go to have any high-tech equipment repaired?
Whose truck decided to do crab impersonations?


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